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Tony Gonzalez - Gallery
    Time lapse
Gum Bichromate printing process layer by layer from start to finish. Pigments: Schmincke watercolor; Permanent Carmine for M, Cadmium Yellow Middle for Y and Phthalo Blue for C and Winsor Newton's Lamp Black for B Thanks. Two layers of cyanotype, three sets of C, M, Y and one layer of black at 1 1/2 hours per layer for a total of 18 hours (I usually work on three prints at the same time). That was 9 layers of gum over two layers of cyanotype and a layer of black at the end. I am using a 4 inch foam brush to coat and an inexpensive 4 inch Hake brush to even out the coating afterwards.
    Time lapse
Untitled 1 from "Little Red" series Time lapse of Tri-Color Gum Bichromate print over Cyanotype with CMY negatives made using Epson SureColor P800 printer.

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