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    Calvin Grier      
    When I was 12 years old I taught myself how to develop film, using a cupboard underneath the stairs as a dark room, and since then photography has always been a part of me.
However, for the greater part of the next two decades since then, as my formal training took me on a path to perform in a symphony orchestra, I always saw photography as a distraction to my studies.
In 2014 I left a career in music, and started shooting commercially, but didn’t find a deep satisfaction from it either. While I truly enjoy creating, I have found that working with my hands and creating a tangible object is very important to me. I worked as a carpenter many summers and was much more pleased with my work than I ever was as a photographer or musician.
During 2014, I played with the idea of also finishing my studies as a civil engineer, as I loved the math and problem-solving side of engineering. Luckily I didn’t go back to study engineering, as I found alternative photographic processes towards the end of the year. It was the perfect combination of photography, creating with my hands, and problem solving.
I spent the next two years working 12 hours a day, every single day, until I made a good print. In January of 2017
I started The Wet Print and since then have made prints for many wonderful photographers ranging from enthusiasts to Oscar winning cinematographers, and have taught over 50 people from 23 different countries in my studio in Valencia, Spain.

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